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February 16, 2010

“Children of the Foster Care System”

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“Children of the Foster Care System”

Daniel Heimpel  writes that “new research supports a radical shift in child-welfare policy for the thousands of teens who ‘age out’ of foster care at age 18, only to face high rates of homelessness, unemployment and incarceration.”  We as a nation, should do more then what we are doing to help children in foster care.  For if we don’t, children as young as 18 years of age are kicked out of foster care and force to live on the streets, because with no job, money or a place to go that is the only place left for these children to go is the streets.  These children need to be taught survival skills, so they can survive on their own once they leave the foster care system (“Children of the System”).

I thought that this article spoke the truth, and that we shoudl do our part and help these children.  These children in foster care are worth something and they should be shown that someone does love and care about them.  They should be giving a chance to show people what they are made of, because not all foster children are bad.  Some just want to know that they are love, and they will do anything to get it.


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